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Hydraulic Repair and Sales

Hydraulic Repair and Sales

Hydraulic Cylinder Parts & Repair

Over one-third of our business is hydraulic cylinder repair. We repair between 1500-2000 hydraulic cylinders per year. Our hydraulic cylinder shop is equipped with a Tuxco Hydraulic Cylinder Servicer, allowing us to service and repair extra-large or troublesome cylinders. Cylinder repairs can range from simple seal kits, to our team machining new rods or tubes.

Inventory parts and components:

  • Seals, Wipers, O-rings
  • Aftermarket seal kits
  • Rod ends and Clevises
  • Hydraulic Fittings
  • Chrome Rod
  • Honed Tubing

*If your equipment dealer has told you that seal kits or other parts are not available for your hydraulic cylinders, please contact us. We may have them in stock or can order them.

If your cylinder is beyond economical repair, our staff will advise you on a new drop-in replacement. We keep a large inventory of new cylinders in stock.

  • New Midway Mfg. Tie-rod Cylinders
  • Reman Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Rephasing Cylinders
  • John Deere retrofit 158 Loader Cylinders
  • and More!
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Hydraulic Pump, Motor, Accumulator & Mobile Valve Repair

With over 30+ combined years of experience in fluid power, Martens Machine Shop expands to now offer hydraulic pump, motor, and mobile valve repair. All hydraulic components are disassembled, cleaned, evaluated, and then quoted to ensure the customer is on the same page at all times. Our team utilizes factory spec components to rebuild your hydraulic equipment. All rebuilds are pressure and flow tested on our in-house test stand. We also offer a wide range of new products if the repair is not economical. Below is a list of hydraulic components that we repair:

  • Piston Pumps & Motors
  • Gear Pumps & Motors
  • Geroler Pumps & Motors
  • Vane Pumps & Motors
  • Sectional Mobile Valves
  • Monoblock Mobile Valves

In conjunction with our hydraulic shop and cylinder shop, we offer accumulator rebuilds. After disassembly, each component is inspected for internal damage. With new seals installed, we assemble and pressure test all accumulators on the hydraulic and gas sides. Pre-charge available upon customer request.

  • Piston & Bladder Accumulators

*Martens Machine Shop inventories and offers a large selection of new hydraulic components.

Hydraulic System Upgrades and Retrofits

The team in our pump shop also offers in-house hydraulic system upgrades. Whether its modernizing your pumps and valves, or getting your system to run cooler/cleaner – we provide solutions.

Hydraulic Hose and Fittings

Hydraulic Hose and Fittings

In addition to our hydraulic cylinder, pump/motor, and valve repairs; Martens Machine Shop offers a full range of hydraulic hose and fittings. We stock hose ¼” to 1 ¼” in size. Also offering 1 ½” and 2” suction hose. All hose is rated to 5000 psi working and is offered in 4 wire structural design. Our fitting selection covers the wide range of SAE, JIC, NPT, and ORFS connections. In-house crimping capabilities allow us to duplicate or build any new hose a customer may need. We strive to ensure our inventory is stocked and multiple hoses can be built if needed. Our team can also produce hose kits specifically tagged for your equipment or application.

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We are Adaptable & Flexible
Enough to Take On Most Jobs Within Our Services!

Martens offers machining and welding services, along with fluid power repairs and sales. Our team of skilled professionals and specialized equipment work to meet the demands and requirements of our customer base.

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