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Hydraulic Repair

In the fall of 1974, after moving houses for 25 years as Martens Brothers House Movers, Henry Martens and his eldest son, John Martens, started Martens Machine Shop. Youngest son, Paul Martens, was 15-years-old and skipped a day of school to go to Oklahoma City with them to buy their first shop equipment: 2 welders, 2 grinders and 3 welding helmets.

Hydraulic Repair

The first shop was a converted chicken house, measuring 20’ x 40’. In 1980, after making two additions to this shop, Henry, John and Paul joined forces to build the first new shop building - a 4000 square foot facility at 1414 N Main. In 1991, Paul Martens took sole ownership of the business. He and his wife, Lori, have managed it since then.

Hydraulic Repair

In 1983, they added an 1800 square foot building that now houses our hydraulic cylinder shop. Due to high demand and growth potential, this shop expanded to 3000 square feet in 2017. In 2018, a 6000 square foot addition was built onto the main facility to provide space for equipment expansion and steel storage.

Hydraulic Repair

February of 2022, Paul and Lori’s son, Jake Martens returned to the family business. His return makes the third generation of Martens involved in the machine shop. Jake and his wife, Stephanie, are both heavily involved in the future of the shop.


Owners: Paul & Lori Martens, Jake & Stephanie Martens

What started in an 800-square-foot converted chicken house, now encompasses over 20,000 square feet of machine shop, metal fabrication, and fluid power facilities. Our team of employees has a wide range of skills and experience to better serve our customers.

We are Adaptable & Flexible
Enough to Take On Most Jobs Within Our Services!

Martens offers machining and welding services, along with fluid power repairs and sales. Our team of skilled professionals and specialized equipment work to meet the demands and requirements of our customer base.

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